What is an object’s “true” worth? Although “hidden gems” waiting to be discovered at a yard sale are the stuff of legend, it is very unusual to hear fact-based stories about an item that is bought somewhere for $5 later selling at auction for $500,000.

Still, there may be very real reasons to have certain valuables professionally appraised. In cases like estate valuation, assigning actual value for insurance coverage, or for tax deductible charitable donations, a professional appraisal may be in order.

Typically, an appraiser charges an established fee, or sometimes an hourly rate, depending on the degree of research involved in the process of determining value.

Industry experts advise avoiding appraisers who charge a fee based on a percentage of the article’s value.

If an appraisal is called for, Whitley’s on staff appraiser, Linda Saft, is a fully accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers. In many cases our Valuation Team can provide accurate auction and sale pricing information culled from many of the same resources used in professional certified appraisals.

Whitley’s offers our clients and prospective consignors valuations of merchandise for a nominal fee charge, based on the particulars of the item.

This fee is often waived in your consignment agreement; please inquire with your consignment team specialist for terms and conditions.

Utilizing a range of published and digital industry sources, our Valuation Team specialists deduce the likely auction sale value of your valuables, per item, based on results from past international auctions, as well as proprietary data. We will also provide you with anticipated starting bids, and a published price guide catalog for your review and approval prior to sale.

We know how much your valuables are worth to you, and we go to the four corners of the world to find buyers for your hidden gems.