Collectors Corner

Mysteries of the East:
The Collection of John J. Lanzendorf

Lanzendorf is recognized internationally for his work as a hairstylist to the famous and well heeled: he has counted among his clients and friends Rita Hayworth, Agnes Moorhead, and Bea Arthur, as well as Bette Midler, Rita Moreno, and Angela Lansbury. But through the decades of professional success, his personal passion has always been collecting.


Preserving Native American Art & Culture: The Collection of Mona Brown
The collector, historian and preservationist Ramona (“Mona”) Brown spent a lifetime safeguarding cultural artifacts and works of art. Her personal passion for collecting is reflected in the numerous rare and unusual pieces she left at her passing in March 2019.


David Farin: The French Resistance Fighter Who Collected The World

There are many ways to measure a person’s life, few of them adequate. In the case of David Farin, the large and varied collection of art, jewelry, artifacts, and objects of beauty that he assembled over decades offers a glimpse into the man’s natural curiosity and zest for life, and the objects of decorative art he loved and collected.


Collecting Doulton –
The Charlie Briggs Story

Charlie Briggs has been an avid Royal Doulton collector for over 60 years. His first purchase was in Bermuda in 1957 when he bought Lady Charmian as a gift for his Mom. She reciprocated by buying him character jugs for birthdays and Holidays, the first was Old Salt inspired by his early navy career.So started a lifetime of collecting Royal Doulton.


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