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One of the Largest Collections of Royal Doulton and British Pottery Amassed

Lion and Unicorn will be auctioning the collection of Herb and Gloria Berkowitz, one of the largest collections of Royal Doulton and British Pottery amassed. For over 30 years, the Berkowitz’s traveled around the world to antique shows and auctions building this tremendous and discerning collection of art pottery. Many of the items from the collection came from renowned dealers and international auction houses including pieces from the Judd Harriman Collection sold by Sotheby’s.

Fall South Florida Art & Antique Auction: Works on Paper, Bronzez, Pottery & More
Lion and Unicorn offers Diego Rivera, Francisco Zuniga and hundreds of Art & Antiques in the Fall Art Home and Interior sale. This prestigious collection is Part One of the combination of three homes (Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Vero Beach) of a renowned Surgeon. This collection of objects including fine art and antiques will be auctioned alongside other great collections over the next several months.


Royal Doulton Kingsware at Auction

Imitated, But Never Duplicated:
Royal Doulton Kingsware

Kingsware was developed by Charles Noke and produced between 1898 and 1939. No other factory in the world has been able to recreate the same lustrous finish. The rich, brown affects of the Kingsware glaze were achieved by painting the design in colored slip on the inside of the plaster mold, then the dark slip was added to the body. In the Kingsware range you can find a variety of unique items including whisky decanters, loving cups, match strikers, water jugs and tobacco jars.

Fort Lauderdale Art and Antique Buyers

George Tinworth: 
The Terra Cotta Rembrandt

Tinworth is best known today for his whimsical small-scale models of mice and frogs. However, during his lifetime he was better known for his religious sculptures and relief panels, often monumental in scale. His early creations were first exhibited at the 1867 Paris Exhibition where critics praised the innovative developments in English art ceramics.


Fresh Off the Press:
Advertising with Royal Doulton

In the early years of the HN collection several advertising and publishing houses commissioned Doulton figures to advertise their products including The Perfect Pair HN581, which celebrates the amalgamation of Eve magazine and The Tatler from 1923. The Sketch magazine commissioned a figure, Sketch Girl, which subsequently has no HN number or official title to her base as she was simply made for advertising purposes and not for sale to the general public.


Lladro Porcelain Figures –
Why Collect?

Since the 1950s, the world has been collecting the works that have been produced by Lladro. From their humble beginnings in the village of Almassera, Spain, three brothers began to make their first plates, vases and ceramic figurines inspired by the world around them. Within ten years, the Lladro brothers opened their first retail store in Valencia. After seventy years, Lladro is one of the most collected creative studios in history.


A Contribution to the Preservation of American History: The Soldiers of the Revolution
The Soldiers of the Revolution Collection by Royal Doulton was a thoroughly researched, carefully executed collection of historical sculptures created as a contribution to the preservation of American history. Each soldier in this limited edition collection is depicted in authentic regimental attire from each of the original 13 states.


Preserving Native American Art & Culture: The Collection of Mona Brown
The collector, historian and preservationist Ramona (“Mona”) Brown spent a lifetime safeguarding cultural artifacts and works of art. Her personal passion for collecting is reflected in the numerous rare and unusual pieces she left at her passing in March 2019.


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