Collectors Corner

The Mesmerizing Collection of Otis M. Christensen

Otis and his wife, Ouida were serious collectors of American Art Pottery, Depression and Elegant glass as well as other beautiful vintage and antique items. They had a good eye for quality and enjoyed the hunt for these items for over 50 years. Read More >

Marie-Claude Lalique:
Life & Legacy

Marie-Claude Lalique was born into a dynasty of glassmakers and artists, with her grandfather being none other than René Lalique himself, the legendary pioneer of Art Nouveau glass. It was in her blood to create and innovate, and she took this passion to new heights.
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Unichi Hiratsuka: An Introduction to the Artist

Unichi Hiratsuka, born on November 17, 1895, in Matsue, Shimane, Japan, left an indelible mark on the world of art as a Japanese woodblock printmaker. A pioneer of the sosaku hanga (“creative print”) movement in 20th-century Japan, his influence resonates through the corridors of time.
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How to Identify Rare and Valuable Antiques

For those collectors who are always looking for high-value pieces to enhance or expand their collections, the question is often, “how can I identify rare and valuable antiques?” First, of course, certain pieces carry different cultural relevance, historical significance, and legacy, which can influence their inherent value.
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