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The Queen of Wedgwood
Who Holds the Title?

A lifelong passion for Wedgwood began for Betty Issod in the early 1950s, after her introduction to English ceramics by her dearest friend, Muriel Polikoff, a well-known dealer from Philadelphia.  Muriel introduced Betty to the Buten Museum of Wedgwood in Merion, PA. It was at the Museum, where she first glimpsed a Fairyland Luster vase by designer Daisy Makeig Jones that changed the course of Betty’s life. 
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6 Best Types of Items to Sell at Auction in 2023

From collector’s items to historic rarities, the most lavish antiques often fetch top prices at an auction or through a direct sale to an interested buyer. You may ask yourself, “What are the best items to sell at auction?” While not every antique can claim record-breaking sale prices, many well-maintained items can spark fierce bidding wars, driving up prices.
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Who are the Florida Highwaymen?

The Florida Highwaymen were a group of African American artists who began painting in the 1950s and 1960s. At the time, segregation laws prevented them from showing their work in galleries or selling it to the mainstream art market. To make a living, they sold their paintings door-to-door and from the trunks of their cars, often along Florida’s highways.
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Meet the Artist:
Michel Boutboul

In the Parisian suburb of Noisy-le-sec, Michel Boutboul was born in 1951, the eighth of sixteen children, taking his place amidst a tribe of nine brothers and six sisters. Life in the blue collar region was not tilled with luxury, but it had the comforts of home for the young Boutboul and his remaining clan of siblings, some of whom were approaching their exodus from the family nest.  Read More >

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