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Fine Art and Sculptures alike have been a part of human civilization for centuries and have taken on many different forms over time. No matter what type of art you prefer, Lion & Unicorn is here to provide you with the best possible selection and service to help you sell art.

For over 30 years, we have specialized in selling art and sculptures of all varieties, and we have become one of the premier auction houses in North America. As a result, our diverse clientele has come to rely on us for the unequivocal opportunity to sell their estate and art collections efficiently and for maximum value.

From modern marble masterworks to historically significant paintings, Lion & Unicorn can help you sell art and sculptures to qualified buyers across the nation. Connect prized fine art with motivated collectors, make room in your personal collection for new pieces, or part with older gallery pieces when you work with a trusted, full-service auction house like Lion & Unicorn.

Lion & Unicorn is the perfect destination for collectors and dealers alike when it comes to selling art of any kind. As a full-service auction house, we have the experience and professionalism to ensure your artwork sells for the best price possible, be it antique bronze sculptures, authenticated paintings, or stunning framed designs from mid-century artists. In addition, we work with a global network of motivated, qualified buyers who are looking to build collections, find rare pieces, and acquire timeless relics and cherished designs.

But how do you know if your artwork is worth selling? Lion & Unicorn takes everyday stresses out of the appraisal process and will assist you when it’s time to validate and authenticate pieces, whether that requires documentation or additional research.

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Our team of experienced art appraisers can help you determine the value of your collection and allow you to display it in front of active buyers. After the appraisal, we’ll handle packing and transport services, along with gallery cataloging and display considerations, to further boost the buying appeal of the items from your estate or collection.

Beyond that, we regularly host auctions with various artworks on offer. Whether you’re interested in selling Old Masters, Impressionist art, or 20th-century pieces, we can help you find the right buyer for your artwork.

We’re conveniently located in Hollywood, FL, with accessible satellite offices in Miami, Naples, Palm Beach, and Orlando. We also work with collectors, enthusiasts, and estate executors across the country, providing thorough in-person valuation, appraisal, packing, and transportation.

Our team is efficient, discrete, and precise, working with due diligence to ensure you get the greatest possible return from an estate collection or private sale. To learn more about how to sell art and sculptures, contact Lion & Unicorn at your convenience.

Selling art for top dollar requires the experience and resources to evaluate each piece and connect with interested buyers. Rely on Lion & Unicorn’s decades of experience for your next estate sale or auction! Whether you’re located in Florida or anywhere else across the nation, our team can help you maximize your profits when selling art.