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Between the pristine artistry of Japanese Satsuma buttons and the prized designs of Ivoroid button making, many collectors are willing to pay top dollar when they find someone who can sell vintage and antique buttons. From complete collections to military memorabilia and family heirlooms, even something as small as a button, pin, or medal can carry decades of memories and valuable history.

Are you preparing to sell vintage and antique buttons to free up room in your collection? Or perhaps you’re coordinating the estate of a servicemember who saved their military awards and medals. Either way, you want to ensure that each piece is treated with the utmost respect and care, from the initial appraisal all the way to the final delivery.

To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to determine the precise value of vintage and antique buttons. Some buttons carry untold histories dating back to significant time periods, momentous events, and prized collections. While family heirlooms often seem strictly sentimental, a complete antique button collection could be worth more than a seller would have ever imagined.

Antique buttons are highly collectible and can be quite valuable. Many factors affect the value of a button, including age, rarity, condition, and type of material. Buttons made of rare or unusual materials, such as ivory, shell, or coral, can fetch high prices at auction. In addition, button makers often signed their work, often making marked buttons more valuable than unsigned buttons.

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As you’re coordinating an upcoming estate sale or making room in your collection for new pieces, knowing an antique button’s history can help influence a prospective buyer. Any documentation, certificates of authenticity, or valuation materials can help boost prices and attract a higher tier of buyers that is willing to spend more on timeless buttons. When you can accurately document the history of a fabric button, reverse-painted button, Centennial, enamel, or silhouette button, you’re much more likely to increase the item’s appeal and final asking price..

When you need help selling vintage and antique buttons, or you want to assess your collection or estate’s value properly, work with one of the most trusted names in the industry. Lion & Unicorn is a full-service auction house with decades of experience buying and selling vintage buttons, antique medals, family heirlooms, and priceless collectibles. We operate out of Hollywood, FL, with additional offices in Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, and Naples.

Our 30+ years of experience includes time spent appraising and selling collections full of vintage buttons from top names like Arita Gourd, Shibayama, and Gay 90s. We also tap into a global buyer network for each of our online auctions, combining impeccable, discrete white-glove service with an unprecedented reach that helps connect your treasured belongings to a highly motivated buyer, no matter where they’re located.

Lion & Unicorn provides comprehensive service, and we understand the sensitivity, discretion, and efficiency required of estate and collection sales. We handle everything from in-person inspections to delicate packing, transportation, cataloging, and photographing.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about selling vintage and antique buttons worldwide. We’re here to help you offload your collectibles with ease.

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