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To determine the value of your family’s heirloom crystal, you first need to establish whether it is genuine crystal. Glass can be made from several materials, including sand, soda ash, and lime. However, authentic crystal has a formula base that includes lead oxide, which gives it its characteristic sparkle and shine.

You can use a simple test to determine whether your piece is made of crystal. Place the glass object on a white piece of paper and hold a bright light behind it. If you can see a shadow of the object on the paper, it is made of glass. However, it is made of crystal if you can see a sparkle or shine on the paper.

You can also quickly determine that your piece is made of crystal by partnering with a qualified appraiser, and the next step is to find out who made it and how old it is. Crystal is often handcrafted, and it isn’t always easy to determine its make or age. However, if you can find a mark or inscription on the piece, this can help to identify the maker.

If you’re looking to sell crystal glassware, either as part of an estate or as an individual sale, Lion & Unicorn can help. We work with timeless glassware, fine crystal, and in-demand brand names such as Lino Tagliapietra, Daum Nancy, and Kralik, offering nationwide estate purchases paired with in-person valuation, packing, and transportation.

Our specialists also prepare pieces for sale in a gallery setting, including cleaning, cataloging, and photography sessions that can help attract discerning buyers with refined tastes. So, whether you need to have your pieces appraised, valued, and sold, or you want to know how much you could gain by selling crystal and glass as part of a larger estate, Lion & Unicorn is your one-stop shop.

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We’re a premier full-service auction house in Hollywood, FL, with premium service across the state, including locations in Naples, Palm Beach, Orlando, and Miami. In addition, we offer nationwide service that effectively eliminates concerns about preserving, packing, and transporting your treasured pieces from top names like John Kuhn, George Woodell, Tiffany Studios, and Swarovski.

Treat your collection to a luxurious experience coordinated by antique and vintage crystal experts that aim to help you get top dollar for each opulent item. Contact Lion & Unicorn to learn how to sell crystal and glass antiques and get comprehensive service that puts you at ease.