Alan Setian

Asian Expert and Curator

Alan Setian - Asian Expert and Curator

Alan Setian’s journey from working in his family’s antique store to becoming a highly sought-after specialist in Asian antiques, antique arms, and armor is truly inspiring. His upbringing in the world of antiques, particularly in his family’s renowned store in Buenos Aires, laid the foundation for his lifelong passion for art and historical objects.

Working alongside his parents from a young age exposed Alan to the intricacies of the antique trade. His parents’ deep love for rare antiques, particularly antique arms and armor, left a lasting impression on him. As he grew, he not only gained valuable experience but also saved money to begin building his own collections.

The family’s success led to a natural progression into exhibiting at prestigious art and antique fairs on a global scale. This expansion opened up new opportunities in different regions, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. Alan’s education further equipped him to expand the business’s reach across North America, Europe, and Asia, where he could cater to collectors interested in Chinese and Asian antique porcelain, ceramics, jade, bronze, and textiles.

Through his experiences and expertise, Alan Setain has become a highly respected figure in the field of antiques. His specialization in Asian antiques, British decorative arts, and antique arms reflects his dedication to understanding the historical and cultural significance of these objects. Collectors and enthusiasts value his insights, advice, and deep knowledge when it comes to acquiring, preserving, and appreciating valuable artifacts.