Antiques are beautiful, timeless pieces that individuals can pass down for generations. They can also be quite valuable, depending on their rarity. However, some individuals may not know the true worth of their antiques. That’s where antique appraisals near me can help.
For clients and sellers looking for “antique appraisers near me,” it’s important to find highly qualified professionals with an extensive history working with delicate, timeless pieces. A knowledgeable appraiser can help sellers appropriately value items and yield the most significant returns, whether for an estate sale, asset liquidation, or collection dispersal.

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Many factors go into an antique appraisal. For instance, an item’s condition can significantly influence a client’s final asking price and sway potential buyers. High-quality items can even spark bidding wars amongst prospective buyers, driving final prices up further than anticipated. 
There are a few other things to consider when looking for “antique appraisers near me.” The first is to find a company that has experience buying and selling the type of object. Is it a painting? A piece of crystal? A rare piece of jewelry? Finding the right appraiser for the category of the antique is essential to appraising it accurately.
Next, consider the age of the object. How old is it? An antique that is several hundred years old will be worth more than one that’s only a few decades old. Modern trends can also influence pricing, with some historical eras ebbing and flowing in popularity. Another essential factor to consider is the object’s rarity. Is it a one-of-a-kind item? Or is it something that a prospective buyer or collector can find at any flea market? The rarer an object is, the more valuable it is.


Another factor that an antique appraiser near me will consider is the provenance of the piece. The provenance of an antique is the history of where it has been, which can also affect its value. Finally, take into account the object’s condition. A painting in perfect condition will be worth more than a painting that is severely damaged. The same is true for other types of antiques. 
So, how do clients go about appraising an antique? The best way is to get as much information as possible about the object. This includes its age, rarity, and condition. Sellers can then consult an expert to get a more accurate estimate of the object’s value. As clients go into an antique appraisal near me, they should provide as much supporting documentation as possible to help validate and authenticate antiques.


Highly motivated sellers looking to get the greatest return from an estate sale, antique sale, or liquidation should reach out to Lion & Unicorn before searching for “antiques appraisers near me.” We provide nationwide service, and we also have several local hubs throughout Florida. Clients can visit our primary gallery, headquarters, and production facility in Hollywood, FL. 
Reach out to our team to discuss “antique appraisers near me” and learn more about valuing and selling collector’s buttons, fine art, furniture, decor, jewelry, and other valuables. We’ll even come to appraise client collections in person and provide packing, hauling, and transport services. Clients looking for an antique appraiser near me can turn to Lion & Unicorn for their needs.


For over 30 years, Lion and Unicorn has specialized in antique appraisal and selling antiques of all varieties. As the premier auction house in Hollywood, Florida, we provide a diverse clientele with the unequivocal opportunity to sell their estate and collections efficiently, and for maximum value. If you are considering where to sell antiques, our antique appraisal specialists can assist you in determining the value of your collection and displaying them in front of active buyers. Lion and Unicorn is a full service auction house with the experience and professionalism only a team of experienced auction specialists can provide. Lion and Unicorn can pick up your collection of antiques from your estate, transport them to a dedicated gallery where they will be meticulously cleaned, photographed, and prepared for a live online auction with a global audience. Lion and Unicorn is recognized as one of the most prestigious auction houses in the United States, with a global reach that is unsurpassed. If you are searching for antique appraisers or wondering where to sell antiques, contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!