Arron Rimpley


Born and raised in Colorado, Arron Rimpley started collecting rocks and anything that was old from the time he could remember. As Arron got older, he spent summers in Nebraska with his grandmother restoring antiques. Little did he realize those summers spent learning about antiques would begin a lifelong journey.

After college, Arron Rimpley moved to Miami, where he started in the antiques business. In 2000, he founded Whitley Collection, to create the ultimate experience where collectors could buy and sell. Since our inception, we have exhibited and broadcast to collectors around the world, creating new and innovative ways to reach new audiences.

  • Founder
  • Auctioneer #AU4891
  • Curator
  • Author
  • Appraisal and Valuation Specialist: Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Design

Office: 954-866-8044