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Lion and Unicorn Gallery Items

Boeing 777-200 Fan Blade Sculpture


GE90 composite fan blade first-ever in commercial aviation. The GE90 fan blade is made from carbon fiber and a toughened epoxy matrix that delivers double the strength and one-third the weight of titanium.


Zeiss WWI (3x) Optic Magnifier 15mm x 30mm x 50mm x 110x. On Wooden tripod.


Crafted by Steinway & Sons, New York, Model M, serial number 180268.This stunning Steinway grand piano masterpiece was originally crafted with Mahogany finish.It was later transformed with the glittering allure of malachite and adorned with highly decorative gilt-mounts. 7.25 octaves (88 notes), and length of approximately 5'6". Weight: 570lbs.