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Bronze is a metal alloy that is made up of copper and tin. It is a very sturdy metal and is perfect for creating sculptures. It also has a rich, golden color that is perfect for sculptures. Art collectors and sculpture enthusiasts enjoy buying and selling bronze sculptures in all shapes and sizes.
There are several reasons why bronze sculptures are so highly valued, and why finding the right answer to the question “where can I sell my bronze sculpture” is so important. First and foremost, bronze is a sturdy material that can withstand the test of time. Additionally, bronze has a unique appearance that is both metallic and earthy, making it a popular choice for sculpture. Finally, bronze is a costly material, contributing to its high value.
While the price of selling bronze sculptures can vary, they are typically more expensive than other types of sculptures, which can influence those wondering where to sell bronze sculptures. This is because creating a bronze sculpture is much more complex than other materials. In addition, it takes a great deal of skill and experience to work with bronze, which contributes to the high cost of these sculptures.

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What you should know about selling bronze sculptures

One of the most famous bronze sculptures is the Statue of David. This sculpture was created by Donatello in the 1400s and is a masterpiece of art. Other famous bronze sculptures include The Thinker and Man Pointing. Bronze sculptures can be expensive, but they are well worth the price for true appreciators of the art form. Selling bronze sculptures can earn a tidy sum, depending on a sculpture’s age and history. 
One key factor in authenticating sculptures is the condition of the work. This can influence the asking price for those wondering where to sell bronze sculptures. This includes both the physical condition of the sculpture and the state of the patina, or the coating that forms on the sculpture’s surface over time. Sculptures in good condition, with a consistent and even patina, are more likely to be highly valuable than those in poor condition.
Finally, it is vital to consider the artist’s signature, if present. While not always conclusive, a signature can often help determine the authenticity of a sculpture. If the artist is unknown or the signature is not consistent with other works by that artist, it is more likely that the sculpture is not authentic.

Where to sell bronze sculptures

Wondering where to sell bronze sculptures? Many clients, art collectors, and enthusiasts regularly adjust their collections, swapping pieces in and out. “Where can I sell my bronze sculpture for the most money” is a question these individuals often ask, and Lion & Unicorn provides a convenient answer.
A popular option for selling bronze sculptures is an online marketplace. These platforms allow artists to reach many buyers worldwide, and many of them offer a commission to the artist on each sale. Online marketplaces can be great options for individuals looking to sell collected sculptures directly to buyers. However, direct sales can be challenging to coordinate and execute, especially if clients need their sculptures appraised. 

lion and unicorn: bronze sculpture experts

Clients wondering where to sell bronze sculptures can turn to Lion & Unicorn for effective service, thorough valuations, and discrete packing and transportation options. Our team knows how to navigate a valuable collection and has experience working with confined space entry. 
Selling bronze sculptures can be a daunting prospect for many clients. Working with Lion & Unicorn takes the guesswork out of art, antique, and sculpture sales. Clients can visit our locations across Florida, and we also offer nationwide service. Contact our team today to learn more about where to sell bronze sculptures and to initiate an appraisal.


For over 30 years, Lion and Unicorn has specialized in selling Bronze Sculptures of all varieties. As the premier auction house in Hollywood, Florida, we provide a diverse clientele with the unequivocal opportunity to sell their estate and collections efficiently, and for maximum value. If you are considering where to sell bronze sculptures, our appraisal specialists can assist you in determining the value of your collection and displaying them in front of active buyers. Lion and Unicorn is a full service auction house with the experience and professionalism only a team of experienced auction specialists can provide. Lion and Unicorn can pick up your collection of bronze sculptures from your estate, transport them to a dedicated gallery where they will be meticulously cleaned, photographed, and prepared for a live online auction with a global audience. Lion and Unicorn is recognized as one of the most prestigious auction houses in the United States, with a global reach that is unsurpassed. If you are considering where to sell bronze sculptures, contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!