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Humans have used ceramics for tens of thousands of years, making it one of the oldest and most enduring materials. Well-forged ceramics can be expressive, artful, subtle, or refined, with different artists applying their personalities, inner thoughts, and insights to their works. When you sell ceramics, it’s important to know exactly what you’re working with and how much you should expect it to sell for.

While some of the earliest pottery and ceramic art was tool-based and focused primarily on dishware, utensils, and other implements, it wasn’t long before aspiring artists took note of ceramics’ pliability and utility for more creative pursuits.

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The wheel’s invention also led to better ceramics, helping to create smoother, clearer, and firmer compounds when fired. This also led to the traditional pottery wheel, which today’s artists still use to create their ceramic works. Over time, creators developed more capable glazing techniques, refining the process and leading to some of the most sought-after ceramic pieces and works we know today. 

Some of the most popular ceramists created works that remain vital components of the global art scene, with names like Grayson Perry, Beate Kuhn, and John Glick inspiring new generations of creators. With such a legacy, it’s unsurprising that selling ceramics can be highly profitable, whether it’s part of an estate sale or you’re simply thinning out your collection.

Depending on your ceramic’s condition, history, and utility, some pieces can still fetch top prices at auctions or through estate sales. With this in mind, if you’d like to sell ceramics, working with a full-service auction house like Lion & Unicorn is beneficial. 

Lion & Unicorn can help collectors sell ceramics, appraise pieces in their collection, and catalog items in preparation for upcoming auctions. We offer nationwide service, including discrete inspection, packaging, and transportation, and we also operate our primary location out of Hollywood, FL. To learn more about pricing ceramics to sell at auction, get in touch with Lion & Unicorn today.


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