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Royal Doulton Vase Collection
Wondering how to sell vintage buttons? Individuals considering selling vintage buttons, high-quality collectibles, and glass button designs should trust their cherished items to Lion & Unicorn’s full-service auction house. Our expert team can assess the collection, appraise their articles, and help clients get the best possible prices without the everyday stresses associated with self-coordinated sales. 
Lion & Unicorn works with numerous vintage button styles between glass, enamel, fabric buttons, and many other varietals. While we have our headquarters in Hollywood, FL, we operate nationally. As a result, we can work with clients ranging from Seattlites to New Yorkers to coordinate a quick, efficient, and discrete in-person collection valuation.
Photo of a vintage button

VINTAGE button collecting

Button collecting is a hobby that can be traced back to the 1800s. Buttons are small, decorative objects that are used to fasten clothing. They can be made from various materials, including metal, glass, enamel, and fabric. Some popular historic designs include steel cup buttons, pictorial buttons, reverse-painted buttons, and other valuable creations. 
Button collecting is a popular hobby because there are so many different types and styles of buttons to collect. Vintage buttons are especially popular among collectors because they are rare and have beautiful designs. In addition, some buttons have a significant historical value which can significantly impact their final asking price. Other buttons come from limited manufacturing runs or minimal production, increasing their worth.


There are a few things to keep in mind when selling vintage buttons. First, it’s essential to ensure that the buttons are in good condition. A thorough appraisal or certified valuation can help sellers ensure their button collections are in peak condition. Rusty or chipped buttons are not worth much, so it’s essential to inspect them closely before buying.
Another thing to look for when determining how to sell vintage buttons is authenticity. Many vintage buttons are worth a lot of money because they are rare, so it’s crucial to ensure that the buttons clients sell are actually from the desired era. Finally, it’s important to remember that not all buttons are created equal. Some buttons are more valuable than others, so it’s important to do adequate historical research before buying.
Clients that have access to any documentation, verification information, or detailed historical data can present this alongside their auction items to attract more discerning buyers and entice a higher return when they’re selling vintage buttons.  
Or, our clients can take the guesswork out of the sales process, navigate a complicated estate with discretion, or auction their vintage button collection to get the best return for their prized items by working with Lion & Unicorn. For over 30 years, we’ve bought and sold antiques, fine art, and prized collections that include vintage buttons and other signature designs. We know how to sell vintage buttons at the right prices.
A photo of an antique and vintage button.
A photo of a an old and vintage button.


For motivated sellers looking for the best way to get their vintage buttons on the market, Lion & Unicorn is here to help. We can leverage our extensive experience to help our clients find the right avenue for their vintage button collections. From presidential buttons to celluloid button collections, our team can identify the best opportunities for auctions and direct sales. Reach out to learn more about selling vintage buttons and the details of our full-service auction house and local galleries across Florida.