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Lion and Unicorn Gallery Items

GE Aviation Rotating Fan Blade Sculpture


GE90 composite fan blade first-ever in commercial aviation. The GE90 fan blade is made from carbon fiber and a toughened epoxy matrix that delivers double the strength and one-third the weight of titanium.


Zeiss WWII (3x) Optic Magnifier 15mm x 30mm x 50mm x 110x. On Wooden tripod.


Historic Sale - Part One of the Museum Collection.Our January 2021 Sale will include part one of the collection of Mr. David Bearman who had one of the most comprehensive collections of Royal Doulton ever to be assembled. Many of the pieces in this sale were originally part of the Royal Doulton Museum in Stoke on Trent, England and are offered here for the first time. Included are the best examples of Sung Flambé, Kingsware Whiskey Bottles, Figural Studies, Loving Cups, Simeon Tobies, Militaria, and much more.Day 1, Part 1 | Lots 1 - 184 | 10AM EST Royal Doulton Flambé, Titanian, Burslem, Lambeth, Wilkinson Tobies and Commemoratives.Day 1, Part 2 | Lots 200 - 341 | 2PM EST Kingsware, Whisky and Pub, Seriesware, Character Jugs and Royal Doulton Rare and Early Figures.Day 1, Part 3 | Lots 400 - 579 | 5PM EST Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies and Animal Figures.Day 2, Part 1 | Lots 600 - 841 | 10AM EST Lladro Porcelain Figures.Day 2, Part 2 | Lots 901 - 1056 | 2PM EST Fine European Porcelain Figures and Disney Collectible Figures.Day 2, Part 3 | Lots 1101 - 1218 | 5PM EST Beatrix Potter, Royal Doulton Bunnykins and Beswick Figures.We invite you to visit our website where you can see hundreds of additional photographs and descriptions. Our group of experts is always available to answer any questions, provide condition reports and additional photos. Private viewing is available, just let us know when you would like to visit.


Crafted by Steinway & Sons, New York, Model M, serial number 180268. This stunning Steinway grand piano masterpiece was originally crafted with Mahogany finish. It was later transformed with the glittering allure of malachite and adorned with highly decorative gilt-mounts. 7.25 octaves (88 notes), and length of approximately 5'6". Weight: 570lbs.