Have you ever wondered, “Where can I sell antiques near me?” Lion and Unicorn is here to help. We’ve bought and sold antiques, fine art, porcelain, collectibles, and other goods through our full-service auction house. 
Whether you’re wondering, “Where can I sell antique dolls near me?” or “Where can I sell antique coins near me?” we’ve got you covered. We work with various goods and antiques, from hundreds of lots featuring fine art and exquisite paintings to bronze or ceramic sculptures, figurines, historical items, and other collectibles. 
Lion and Unicorn also provide our sellers full valuation and certified appraisal services. So, how do you go about appraising an antique? The best way is to get as much information as possible about the object. This includes its age, rarity, and condition. You can then consult an expert to get a more accurate estimate of the object’s value or let us handle the fine details for you.

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The first thing to consider when valuing an antique is its age. The older the piece, the more valuable it is likely to be. This is because older works are rarer and often have more intricate details and history attached.
The condition of the antique is also essential. A piece in good condition is more valuable than one that is damaged. If the antique is in good condition, make sure to note any repairs that have been made. This information can affect the piece’s value. Some buyers are willing to purchase refurbished and repaired items, but others feel this can impact a piece’s integrity, so repairs directly influence the final selling price. 
Finally, the rarity of the antique is also a factor in its value. Some antiques are rarer than others and are, therefore, more valuable. If you are looking to sell an antique, it is essential to do your research and find out how rare the piece is. If you’re able to discuss the history of the piece, you can authenticate it, or you can directly track its origins, it can significantly increase your final sales.


Ready to learn more? Before searching for “Where can I sell my antiques near me?” let Lion and Unicorn organize your estate sale, appraise your belongings, or help you navigate liquidation. We have several offices across Florida, with locations in Miami, Naples, Palm Beach, and Orlando. 
You can also visit our main gallery and production studio in Hollywood, FL, to discuss an upcoming estate or liquidation sale. We buy Royal Doulton, Swarovski, Waterford, and other timeless pieces. Lion and Unicorn also appraises entire estates, and has experience handling complex collections in even the most extreme conditions. 
Beyond that, we provide nationwide service with pickup, packing, and transport to make your sale as easy and convenient as possible. Our team will visit your home, walk through your collection, and provide a thorough assessment. We understand the value of discretion, especially when working with an estate or liquidation.


So, if you’re wondering, “Where can I sell antique jewelry near me?” Lion and Unicorn is here to assist you. We have over three decades of experience working with fine art, bronze or ceramic sculptures, figurines, crystal, glassware, vintage buttons, and more. Our team will work with you to get the best price for your valuable antiques, collector’s items, and delicate goods. Reach out to Lion and Unicorn today to find out where to sell antiques in your area.


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