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For more than two centuries, Royal Doulton works have provided the standard in ceramics, porcelain, glassware, giftware, and collectibles. From its origins as a pottery studio in Lambeth, England, producing vases, covered jars, and outdoor statuary, the artisans and designers at Royal Doulton envisioned a magical world of exquisite, hand-painted pieces. Their creations include figurines born in the pages of literature, historical character jugs and figures, anthropomorphic animals, and superbly crafted housewares. Lion and Unicorn is proud to present these creations, which are renowned for their excellent design, pioneering techniques, and artistry.

Royal Doulton Figurines

The first Royal Doulton figurines were produced at Lambeth in London and Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent during the 1880s. It is well documented that Charles Noke sought to re-establish the Staffordshire tradition of ceramic figure production. The HN range of figures that we are all so familiar with today was named after Harry Nixon who was in charge of the small band of artists tasked with decorating the first HN figures. Today the HN numbers have passed the 5,000 mark and their popularity continues into the 21st Century.

Royal Doulton Character Jugs and Toby Jugs

A unique Doulton introduction in 1934 was the Character Jug, the early examples were designed by Noke himself. The 1920’s had already seen Doulton’s new take on the traditional toby jug, but it was these new Character Jugs that really caught the public’s imagination. In 1934 the first jugs, John Barleycorn and Old Charley, were introduced and were swiftly followed by many other familiar faces. The range was quickly expanded to include small size jugs in 1935, and then a short lived medium size in 1938. The late 1930’s also saw the introduction of the first Character Jug derivatives including tobacco jars, musical jugs and even tea pots featuring the most popular characters. The beginning of WWII brought the inevitable slowing down of production of new jugs, although prototypes were being made such as the rare wartime commemorative white Winston Churchill Character Jug of 1941.

Royal Doulton Flambe Pottery

Over 500 years ago Chinese potters first experimented with copper oxide glazes to create a fiery red finish that became known as “flambé.” After much experimenting and hard work, the Doulton company found immediate success at the St. Louis Exhibition in 1904. More experimenting continued in order to perfect the art of flambé. In 1920 Royal Doulton exhibited its new ‘Sung’ wares and proved that they were still the pioneers in the flambé field.

Royal Doulton Bunnykins

The wonderful world of Bunnykins is full of exciting characters and thrilling adventures. An English convent nun, Sister Mary Barbara, created the Bunnykins family in 1934. The original story was based on a family of rabbits and their everyday adventures in the village of Little Twitching. Over the years a number of talented artists have contributed to the success of the Bunnykins figure range, which continue to be cherished by both young and old collectors.

Royal Doulton Animal Figures

For more than 100 years, Royal Doulton artisans have painstakingly brought the animal kingdom to life, with delicately crafted figurines of domestic pets, farm animals, birds, forest fauna, and hundreds of two- and four-legged creatures. More than 1,000 animals have been introduced to the Royal Doulton Animals series, from George Tinworth’s mice and frogs, to Mark Marshall’s grotesques, as well as the detailed creations of racehorses, championship dogs, and other exquisite models from legendary artists like Charles Noke, Leslie Harradine, Peggy Davies, and other renowned craftspeople whose quality, authenticity, and realism remain unsurpassed.

Royal Doulton Stoneware

From humble beginnings in 1815 to today, the Royal Doulton Company has excelled at creating beautiful products for every part of your home. In honor of this historic anniversary, Lion and Unicorn is proud to offer some of the most collected genres in the Royal Doulton range to add to your collection. Many of these items are one-of-a-kind and each one is specially priced to celebrate this special anniversary event. In addition to the selections featured in our catalog, we encourage you to shop our website to see even more specially-priced items from Royal Doulton’s rich and artistic past.