Curious about “where to sell antiques near me?” Let Lion and Unicorn guide you. Whether you’re working with an inherited collection that you’d like to offload or you’ve amassed Swarovski or Waterford Crystal that you want to be appraised and valued, we have services to match. We specialize in estate sales, liquidation, and valuation services.
When people think about estate sales, they often think about sad occasions where a loved one has passed away, and the family sells the deceased’s belongings to raise money. While this may be one everyday use for estate sales, you can also use them for several other reasons. For example, if you are remodeling your home or renovating your space, you may want to hold an estate sale to sell off any extra belongings.

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What TO know about selling YOUR ANTIQUES

Another time when estate sales can be helpful is when you are moving and want to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly. Estate sales make it much easier to offload a collection or downsize your pieces. This is a possible option if you’re ready to sell from your collection of antiques, jewelry, and fine art to start fresh in a new space. Our team can walk through your space and appraise the collection to help you before you ever need to search “where to sell antiques near me.”
At Lion and Unicorn, we buy Swarovski, Lladro, Waterford, and other timeless classics. We also purchase entire estates to make the process that much easier. Estate sales offer a way to sell everything effectively and efficiently, and selling through a full-service auction house means that you can unload collectibles and antiques without having to navigate individual purchases or coordinate different buyers. It’s often the simplest way to answer the question of “where to sell antiques near me?”

How Lion and Unicorn CAN Help You Sell ANTIQUES

Beyond estate sales and liquidation services, we also provide item valuation and certified appraisals, so you know you’re getting the best sticker price for your goods. The value of an antique can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the age of the piece, its rarity, its condition, and the market conditions at the time of sale. As a result, pricing can fluctuate, so it’s helpful to work with antique dealers who can get you the best offers on your collection.


So, when you’re ready to search “where to sell my antiques near me” or “where to sell antique books near me,” let Lion and Unicorn help coordinate your sale. We have offices in Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, and Naples, with our main gallery and production studio located in Hollywood, FL. We also provide nationwide service with pickup, packing, and shipment. 
We’ll travel to you, value your collections, and inspect your antiques, taking the guesswork out of the selling process. Then, representatives will pack up sold pieces and transport them out of your home or storage space. We understand how valuable efficient service, discretion, and simplicity are when settling an estate or selling a cherished collection. 
When you’re ready to learn more about “where to sell my antiques near me,” reach out to Lion and Unicorn’s team of expert antique collectors, valuers, and appraisal specialists. Contact us today to learn more about our services, discuss nationwide service options, and start your sale.


For over 30 years, Lion and Unicorn has specialized in selling antiques of all varieties. As the premier auction house in Hollywood, Florida, we provide a diverse clientele with the unequivocal opportunity to sell their estate and collections efficiently, and for maximum value. If you are considering where to sell antiques, our appraisal specialists can assist you in determining the value of your collection and displaying them in front of active buyers. Lion and Unicorn is a full service auction house with the experience and professionalism only a team of experienced auction specialists can provide. Lion and Unicorn can pick up your antique collection from your estate, transport them to a dedicated gallery where they will be meticulously cleaned, photographed, and prepared for a live online auction with a global audience. Lion and Unicorn is recognized as one of the most prestigious auction houses in the United States, with a global reach that is unsurpassed. If you are wondering, “Where to sell antiques near me?”, contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!.