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If you’re trying to determine where to sell expensive paintings, Lion & Unicorn has the solutions you seek. There is no precise definition for what can be classified as an expensive painting, but generally speaking, any work of art that sells for more than a few thousand dollars is considered to fall within this category. But, of course, many paintings have sold for much more than that, with a few reaching final sale prices of millions of dollars.
Why do these paintings command such high prices? In many cases, it is because they are considered to be masterpieces with historical significance. In other cases, it may be because the painting is a rare or one-of-a-kind item. And sometimes, the high price tag is simply because the artwork is from a famous or well-known artist.

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What you should know about selling expensive paintings

Paintings can be worth vastly different amounts depending on several factors, such as the artist’s name, the image’s rarity, the artwork’s condition, and the painting’s size. To come up with a valuation for a painting, an art appraiser will consider all of these factors. 
One of the most important factors that an appraiser will consider is the artist’s name. If an artist is incredibly well-known, their paintings will be worth much more than paintings by lesser-known artists. Sometimes, an artist’s paintings can even be worth millions of dollars. Another critical factor that an appraiser will consider is the rarity of the painting. 
If a painting is rare, it will be worth more than a painting that has been produced or reproduced in larger quantities. The condition of a painting is also important when determining where to sell expensive paintings and how much they’ll sell for. For example, a portrait in excellent condition will be worth more than a painting in poor condition. The size of a painting is another factor that an appraiser will consider. A larger painting will be worth more than a smaller one in most cases, particularly since larger art is harder to maintain and care for. However, there are plenty of notable exceptions.

How Lion and Unicorn can Help You Sell expensive paintings

Ultimately, the value of a painting is determined by several factors, and it is not always easy to come up with a precise valuation. However, by taking into account the artist’s name, the rarity of the painting, the condition of the artwork, and the size of the painting, an appraiser can come up with a good estimate of a painting’s worth.
If a client is wondering where to sell expensive paintings, one option is to sell art through an auction house. These businesses usually have a catalog of paintings that they are selling and will auction them off to the highest bidder. 
Finally, collectors wondering where to sell expensive paintings can also use an online auction platform. These websites allow prospective sellers to upload pictures of their works, authentication details, and other information, and then people can bid on them. This is a good option if clients want to sell their paintings internationally.

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Motivated sellers wondering where to sell expensive paintings can reach out to Lion & Unicorn. Our team provides nationwide service alongside several offices across Florida. We will come to inspect client collections in person and provide the necessary packing and transport services. Lion & Unicorn can also coordinate hands-off sales, making it easier for art collectors and painting enthusiasts to sell their expensive pieces.


For over 30 years, Lion and Unicorn has specialized in selling expensive paintings of all varieties. As the premier auction house in Hollywood, Florida, we provide a diverse clientele with the unequivocal opportunity to sell their estate and collections efficiently, and for maximum value. If you are considering where to sell expensive paintings, our appraisal specialists can assist you in determining the value of your collection and displaying them in front of active buyers. Lion and Unicorn is a full service auction house with the experience and professionalism only a team of experienced auction specialists can provide. Lion and Unicorn can pick up your collection of expensive paintings from your estate, transport them to a dedicated gallery where they will be meticulously cleaned, photographed, and prepared for a live online auction with a global audience. Lion and Unicorn is recognized as one of the most prestigious auction houses in the United States, with a global reach that is unsurpassed. If you are considering where to sell expensive paintings, contact us today and let us do the hard work for you!.