How Can I Sell My Antique Rare Goods?

From rare coins to ancient ceramics, the market for quality antiques is always bustling. For collectors, this often sparks questions like, “How can I sell my antique rare goods?” Between auction houses, liquidation sales, and online estate marketplaces, there are a variety of viable sales channels for a collection, whether that lot includes fine art, bronze sculptures, coins, glass or jewelry. 

Finding the best sales vertical for a given antique requires a deft hand, thorough appraisal, and authentication when applicable. For enthusiasts and collectors wondering, “How can I sell my antique rare goods,” here are some essential tips to help promote a qualified sale. 

Where are the best places to sell rare goods? 

These days, sellers are flush with opportunities to sell rare antiques, including online auction houses, estate coordinators, direct sales, and local shops.

Individuals navigating a complex estate sale or looking to sell rare antiques may opt for full-service auction houses like Lion & Unicorn that provide in-person inspection, appraisal, packing, and transportation options. Online sales are increasingly popular but difficult to monitor without extensive experience, leading some sellers to accept lower-than-average asking prices for their goods.

How do I know how much my rare goods are worth? 

qualified appraiser can help collectors understand their pieces’ worth and make the best, most informed selling decisions ahead of an auction or direct sale. An item’s age, condition, maintenance, and general rarity can acutely influence pricing, so it’s essential to work with an auction house that has a working understanding of current market trends and how to sell rare antiques. 

Full-service auction houses can coordinate rare goods sales. 

When a seller is ready to part with rare coins, out-of-print texts or fine art pieces, it’s helpful to work with professional auctioneers, appraisers, and sale coordinators. Lion & Unicorn is a full-service auction house with headquarters in Hollywood, FL, and several satellite offices throughout the state. We also provide comprehensive estate sale services for nationwide customers, including valuation, authentication, packaging, and transport. 

Lion & Unicorn handles every sale with discretion, care, and thoroughness, ensuring that our sellers get the best value from their priceless items. To learn more about our services and get answers to questions like “How can I sell my antique rare goods,” get in touch with us today.

Our team of antique and rare goods experts is here to help you sell rare antiques and get top value from items in your collections. Reach out with information about estate contents or descriptions of jewelry, ceramics, and antiques to discuss sale potential and possible returns.