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Timeless Steiff Bears, vintage jukeboxes, classic home decor, and prime arcade games are but a few of the treasured antiques and collectibles that you can sell individually or as part of an estate. When you’re wondering where to sell collectibles and antiques, you want to trust your priceless belongings and family estate items to a reputable full-service auction house with decades of experience appraising, valuing and selling vintage goods. That’s where Lion & Unicorn can help. 

Our expertise, impeccable service, and global network make it much easier for our high-end clients to connect with worldwide buyers, ensuring that antiques and collectibles can get a second home with buyers who know their worth. From Rookwood to Roseville and historical memorabilia to animation art, you or your family member may have a collection or estate full of items with untold value and significance. That’s why we’ll also help you navigate appraisal, appropriately valuing and pricing the items in your collection for maximum returns.


Several factors directly influence the asking price of Royal commemoratives, fine art, and dazzling sculptures. Collectors that properly clean, maintain, and store their antique and vintage goods are far more likely to attract qualified buyers who are willing to pay for a piece’s true worth. In addition, it can significantly influence your ultimate asking price if you can effectively and properly authenticate an item, provide documentation, or trace an object’s lineage. 

Your collection’s condition directly correlates to the end selling price. For example, apparent signs of repairs, part replacements, or updates can drive down a piece’s value, with items that have been too heavily modified losing much of their original appeal.

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The same goes for a collectible’s original packaging. Damaged and missing packaging can lower asking prices and may make it harder to connect with a buyer in some instances. Working with our appraisal team can help you more accurately price pieces in your collection and remove numerous everyday stresses from the process when you’re deciding where to sell collectibles and antiques

Lion & Unicorn has over 30 years of experience helping our distinguished clients determine where to sell collectibles and antiques. Our team is efficient, discrete, and familiar with dozens of different antiques like barware and pubware, antique knives, military memorabilia, and much more.

Our expertise includes years of working with items like British Royalty and Commemoratives, decorative vases, Ercol dining chairs, trinket boxes, and other prized possessions to help them find homes with qualified buyers who are willing to pay top prices on estate items and collections. 

We will even purchase entire estates outright, with nationwide appraisal, gallery inspection, cleaning, packing, and transportation. In addition, Lion & Unicorn can quickly and efficiently catalog and photograph your items to ensure they’re ready for an online auction in front of a global audience.

If you’re ready to learn where to sell collectibles and antiques, reach out to the distinguished professionals at Lion & Unicorn. We’re prepared to put our reputable network and decades of experience to work for you. Contact us today to find out more.