How Can I Sell My Antiques and Collectibles?

Collectors who have wondered, “Where can I sell my antiques and collectibles?” aren’t alone. Whether someone is coordinating a complicated estate sale, requesting an in-person collection appraisal, or organizing an online auction, they need to find the right buyers for their high-value items.

There are a few important items to consider when determining “where to sell my antiques and collectibles.” First, collectors need to determine the market value of their items and then decide what method of sale will work best for specific items in the collection.

Often, antique and collectibles valuations follow a similar process. Collectors should work with a skilled appraisal specialist to inspect their collectibles and assign the appropriate value. The valuation process can help authenticate items, determine an item’s history, and increase an item’s prospective asking price, especially when coupled with certificates of authenticity.

When someone is wondering “where can I sell my antiques and collectibles,” they’re also inquiring as to how the valuation process can impact their overall asking price. Often, antique sales and auctions follow a similar approach. In most instances, clients will require a skilled appraiser to inspect their collections and appropriately assess value.

antiques and collectibles for sale

The valuation process can help authenticate items, verify the item’s history, and increase the asking price with verified details. So, when someone is wondering “where to sell my antiques and collectibles,” they’re also asking about the valuation process and how that can influence the overall sale.

Online auctions are a popular option for selling antiques and collectibles. Sites like and allow collectors to reach a large audience of potential buyers. However, collectors will need to accurately describe and photograph items and negotiate a fair price with buyers. This can prove cumbersome on third-party platforms with less accountability and fewer qualified auction participants.

If you are looking for a more personal approach, consider selling your items through a consignment shop or a reputable antique shop. This can be a great way to connect with potential buyers who are interested in antique and collectible items.

Regardless of your preferred method of retailing antiques, be sure to price your items realistically and be prepared to negotiate with buyers. By doing your research and taking the time to prepare your items for sale, you can sell your antiques and collectibles for the best price possible.

For those wondering “where to sell my antiques and collectibles,” Lion & Unicorn is here to help. The appraisal and sales processes can vary significantly depending on the collection and pieces, so it’s best to partner with a trusted full-service auction house for all antique sale needs.

Lion & Unicorn has decades of combined experience assessing antiques and collectibles, appraising items, and connecting sellers to qualified buyers for their antiques, estate items, and other belongings. Contact us today to learn about our tailored appraisal options and nationwide service. Or, visit us in person at our Hollywood, FL, headquarters or one of our satellite offices around the state.

Long story short, if you’re asking “where can I sell my antiques and collectibles,” Lion & Unicorn is the answer you’re looking for.