Collecting Lladro: The Miriam Herrero Legacy

Miriam Herrero was born in Havana, Cuba and loved history and other cultures from a young age. Her passions included family, charity, business, reading, television, and travel. As her travels took her around the world, she began collecting Lladró as a memory of her visits. Over forty years as her business and family expanded, she amassed hundreds of rare Lladró sculptures and many other collections. Included in the collection were many Lladró religious sculptures, many never sold in the USA.

Señora Herrero’s heart was a big as her collections. In addition to helping friends in need, her charities included her church, the American Cancer Society, Baptist Hospital, Food Banks for the Poor, Smile Train and many organizations in the Miami Dade community.

Lladró religious figures are the most symbolic and meaningful religious images for millions of people around the world, made with the exquisite care for detail and meticulous that characterizes the best Lladró creations. It’s no wonder that the imagery and beauty inspired Señora Herrero’s spirit and imagination.

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