How Do You Sell Valuable Antiques?

When clients ask, “How do you sell valuable antiques?” a few reasonable solutions come to mind. Of course, individuals can always attempt to sell items themselves, but it makes it harder to coordinate sales and get fair asking prices for each piece. In a pinch, a direct sale can be an option, especially if the seller isn’t as concerned about getting the top asking price for their belongings.

In other cases, clients can consider consignment shops or online marketplaces. But, again, this can take excess time and energy, particularly for individuals working to settle an estate or free themselves of an extensive antique collection. While these “quick sale” options are undoubtedly suitable for many individuals, those who are more selective with their precious objects ind it much easier and more efficient to work with full-service auction houses to sell antiques, jewelry, furniture, and other products. If you’re wondering how to sell valuable antiques for premium prices, consider working with a certified antique appraiser, such as Lion & Unicorn.

Antique sales are typically conducted through a methodical and straightforward process. In most instances, clients will require a skilled appraiser to inspect their collections and appropriately assess value. The valuation process can help authenticate items, verify the history, and increase the asking price with solidified details. So, when someone is wondering how to sell valuable antiques, they’re also asking about the valuation process.

The first thing to consider when valuing an antique is its age. The older the piece, the more valuable it has the potential to be. This increased valuation due to age is because older pieces are less common and often have intricate detailing, distinctive styles, or historical significance. Being able to date valuables, antiques, precious collectibles, jewelry, and other items accurately can significantly increase an item’s asking price.

Bronze skull
Bronze Sculpture

Wondering how the state or condition of a piece affects how to sell valuable antiques? The condition of the antique is essential. An antique piece in immaculate or near-perfect condition is more valuable than one that is damaged or worn. If the antique you want to sell is in “good” condition, make note of any repairs that have been made, or alterations, which may have impacted the piece. This information can help increase the piece’s value, particularly if the item is in generally decent condition and hasn’t received any cosmetic updates or repairs that could impact the antique’s authentic integrity.

Finally, the rarity of the antique is an incredibly influential factor on its value. Some antiques are most certainly more rare than others and are, therefore, more likely to attract a higher sale price, whether this is through a direct sale or via an online auction house. When someone purchases or sells an antique, they should do their due diligence to seek authentication and valuation services to ensure the fairest deal possible.

For individuals looking for more information on how to sell valuable antiques, it’s helpful to reach out to industry professionals like the team at Lion & Unicorn. We have extensive experience assessing, valuing, and transporting collections, estates, and other valuable antique items. Lion & Unicorn understands that certain sales require discretion, and may require on-site service, including valuation, packing, and transport.

Contact us today to learn more about how to sell valuable antiques, or visit our headquarters in Hollywood, FL, to start pricing valuable antiques and coordinating an upcoming sale or estate settlement. Lion & Unicorn provides comprehensive service so sellers can rest assured knowing they’re getting individualized coverage and excellent prices for antiques in their collections.