Unlocking the Value of Inherited Pottery and Glassware: A Seller’s Guide

Inheriting pottery and glassware can be a bittersweet experience, often bringing a mix of nostalgia and the daunting prospect of deciding what to do with these items. Whether these pieces have been passed down through generations or are part of a recent estate, understanding their worth and how to navigate the selling process can seem overwhelming. 


Seller’s Guide to Inherited Pottery and Glassware

This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, highlighting how Lion & Unicorn, one of South Florida’s premier auction houses, can assist in unlocking the value of your inherited pottery and glassware.

Understand the Value of Your Inherited Pottery and Glassware

Before diving into the selling process, it’s crucial to assess the value of your inherited pottery and glassware. These items can vary greatly in worth, influenced by their age, condition, rarity, and the artist or manufacturer.

How to Tell if Your Pottery or Glassware Is Worth Anything

  • Inspect for Markings: Look for manufacturer’s marks, artist signatures, or hallmarks. These can often be found on the bottom of pottery or the base of glassware pieces.
  • Condition Matters: Check for any damage, such as chips, cracks, or fading, as this can significantly affect value.
  • Research: Utilize resources and articles available on the Lion & Unicorn website to compare your items with similar pieces.

How to Get an Appraisal: Pottery and Glassware

Securing a professional appraisal is the next step in determining the value of your inherited pottery and glassware. Lion & Unicorn offers comprehensive appraisal services, providing you with an accurate assessment based on their vast expertise in the field.

Where to Sell Your Inherited Pottery and Glassware

Choosing the right platform to sell your items is crucial in realizing their full potential value. Here are some of the best places:
  • Auction Houses: Specialists like Lion & Unicorn cater to a wide audience of collectors and can help achieve the best market price.
  • Online Marketplaces: While these can be convenient, they often lack the targeted audience that an auction house provides.
  • Antique Shops: Suitable for less valuable items but may not offer the best return.

Lion & Unicorn: Sellers of Pottery and Glassware

Lion & Unicorn stands out as not just an auction house but as a partner in the journey of selling your inherited pottery and glassware. Their services are designed to cater to every need, from appraisal to sale, ensuring a seamless process for sellers.

Expertise in Pottery and Glassware

With a deep understanding of the market and a dedicated team of experts, Lion & Unicorn can accurately evaluate your items and guide you through the selling process. Their knowledge extends to a vast array of pieces, from antique to contemporary, ensuring that your inherited pottery and glassware is in knowledgeable hands.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Lion & Unicorn, the customer’s experience is paramount. They offer:
  • Personalized consultations to discuss your items and the best strategy for sale.
  • Transparent communication throughout the appraisal and auction process.
  • Logistical support, including shipping and handling of your items to the auction house.


Sell Pottery and Glassware with Experts at Lion & Unicorn

  • Specialization: Their focus on pottery and glassware means they understand the market intricacies.
  • Global Reach: Access to an international pool of buyers ensures your items receive the attention they deserve.
  • Track Record: A proven history of successful sales and satisfied consignors.

A Seller’s Guide: Pottery and Glassware

To navigate the process effectively, consider the following steps:

  • Inventory Your Items: Catalog the pottery and glassware you’ve inherited, noting any markings, damages, or unique features.
  • Preliminary Research: Use the Lion & Unicorn website resources to learn more about your pottery and glassware.
  • Professional Appraisal: Contact Lion & Unicorn for a comprehensive appraisal to understand the true value of your inherited pottery and glassware.
  • Decide on a Selling Platform: Based on the appraisal, choose the most suitable platform for your items. 
  • Prepare for Sale: Work with Lion & Unicorn to prepare your items for auction, including professional photography and catalog descriptions.
  • Marketing: Lion & Unicorn will market your items to their extensive network of collectors, ensuring maximum visibility.
  • The Auction: Participate in the auction process, with the option to attend in person or follow along online.
  • Post-Sale: Payment and shipping after the sale will be handled by Lion & Unicorn, ensuring a smooth conclusion to the process.

Best Way to Sell Inherit Pottery and Glassware

Inheriting pottery and glassware comes with the responsibility of preserving or finding new homes for these items. With the right approach and support from experts like Lion & Unicorn, you can unlock the true value of your inherited pieces, turning them into cherished assets or meaningful contributions to your financial goals. 
Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of antiques, Lion & Unicorn offers a trusted avenue to assess, appraise, and sell your inherited pottery and glassware, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.