Collecting Lladro Porcelain

Collecting Lladró

Since the 1950s, the world has been collecting the works that have been produced by Lladro. From their humble beginnings in the village of Almassera, Spain, three brothers began to make their first plates, vases and ceramic figurines inspired by the world around them. Within ten years, the Lladro brothers opened their first retail store in Valencia. After seventy years, Lladro is one of the most collected creative studios in history.

What makes Lladró so collectible?

Diverse and interesting subject matter – Thousands of different sculptures, figural studies, jewelry, home accessories and lighting designs have captured the imaginations of collectors and museums around the world. 

Collaborations –

Collaborations with famous Artists and Designers are also intensified in a fruitful creative exchange with renowned external designers such as Paul Smith, Rolito and Gary Baseman. These collaborations also extend to the most famous brands in the world including Disney, Harrods, and many others.

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Exceptional quality –

Lladró takes its expressive potential to new heights in High Porcelain with extraordinary artistic and technical quality. Each piece is checked carefully to insure the sculpture meets the highest standards ensuring its long collectability.

Worldwide Audience –

There are Lladro galleries across the planet. There are also thousands of retailers and galleries around the world that have carried Lladro works for decades. Lladró had an international collector’s society for over 20 years and developed a very large following. These passionate collectors have been acquiring early and limited edition works no longer in production – creating a vibrant secondary market.

A Connection – 

Through the design, the creation of the sculpture, the painting, the firing…there is a magic that happens. That beauty speaks to many, becoming part of their most sacred moments from a wedding, the birth of a child, or an important anniversary. This phenomenon isn’t a local one, but shared by many over decades of time and thousands of miles.

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