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Soldiers of the Revolution by Royal Doulton

The American Soldiers of the Revolution from our First Thirteen States

The Soldiers of the Revolution Collection by Royal Doulton was a thoroughly researched, carefully executed collection of historical sculptures created as a contribution to the preservation of American history. Each soldier in this limited edition collection is depicted in authentic regimental attire from each of the original 13 states. Beginning in 1969, six years of effort by Royal Doulton and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation went into its development to create a fitting and lasting tribute to our country’s Bicentennial celebration. Released between 1975 and 1978, the collection today is considered a masterpiece of historical accuracy with each soldier superbly sculpted in fine English porcelain.

Accuracy and Authenticity of the Soldiers of the Revolution

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, one of the most respected historical institutions, sponsored the exhaustive research that was necessary to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of each Soldier of the Revolution. Experts in the field of military history were commissioned as consultants on the subject of uniforms and equipment. Only after every detail had been verified as accurate could each stage of artwork begin.
The working drawings were sent back to Colonial Williamsburg where each one was scrutinized for accuracy down to the number and kind of buttons, placement of equipment, number of seams in the clothing and eyelets on the boots. Upon final approval, the drawings were transformed into a three dimensional wax model.

The Creative Process of the Soldiers of the Revolution

Eric Griffiths, the Director of Sculpture at Royal Doulton at the time, modeled all 13 Soldiers of the Revolution. He was also responsible for supervising every step and procedure required to bring each piece to completion. Griffiths modeled the Collection in wax which, although more difficult to work with than clay, retained the fine detail far better. Only master craftsmen were entrusted with the precise joining of the castings. The painting of the Revolutionary Soldiers was done by the finest of the Royal Doulton artists bringing each sculpture to its final form. Special ceramic colors were formulated to capture the tones found in the fabrics worn in the late 1700’s.

Since their release, collectors around the world have recognized the artistry, authenticity and integrity that are the hallmarks of this great endeavor. The Soldiers of the Revolution by Royal Doulton will be available for auction at